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Custom trays are available upon request. Trays may be delivered hot and ready to serve, or may be heated on-site. All trays are oven safe and disposable. Warming sets available at an additional charge. Prices are subject to change. Delivery charges may apply.

Chicken and Pasta

Chicken Parmesan
Breaded boneless breast of chicken seasoned to perfection and saut’eed in olive oil, topped with mozzarella cheese and baked in a light marinara sauce.
$85.00 Serves 16 to 20

Chicken Marsala
Tender chicken breast topped with mushroom, saut’eed in Marsala wine with a hint of garlic and thyme.
$85.00 serves 16 to 20

“Sticky” Chicken
Vesuvio style bone-in chicken saut’eed in garlic and olive oil, with scallions and mushrooms, in a red wine vinegar sauce. Finger lickin’ great!
$45.00 16 pieces
$80.00 32 pieces

Chicken Cacciatore
Bone-in chicken simmered in a savory tomato sauce seasoned with onions, peppers, and garlic.
$50.00 16 pieces
$85.00 32 pieces

Chicken Piccata
Tender chicken breast topped with a light piccata sauce, seasoned with lemon, capers, and white wine.
$85.00 serves 16 to 20


Spring Vegetable Pasta
Bow-tie pasta tossed with sautéed vegetables. Fresh vegetables may include zucchini, asparagus, broccoli, tomatoes, mushrooms, onions and peppers.
$50.00 Serves 8 to 10
$90.00 Serves 16 to 20

Spring Vegetable Pasta


Stuffed Shells
Large imported shell pasta stuffed with seasoned ricotta and mozzarella cheese, served in a light marinara sauce.
$50.00 20 pieces

Stuffed Shells Large imported shell pasta

Orecchiette Con Pollo Diablo
Orecchiette pasta tossed with chicken, tomatoes, fresh spinach, garlic and olive oil, seasoned with crushed chili peppers.
$55.00 Serves 8 to 10
$95.00 Serves 16 to 20

Pepperoncini Chicken & Pasta
Bite-size chicken morsels saut’eed with mushrooms, pepperoncini and scallions, then simmered with plum tomatoes, served over Linguine or Bucatini pasta.
$55.00 Serves 8 to 10
$95.00 Serves 16 to 20

Three Cheese Oven Baked Lasagne
Lasagne noodles layered with seasoned ricotta, mozzarella, and Romano cheese, baked to perfection in a home-made marinara or meat sauce.
$50.00 Serves 8 to 10
$90.00 Serves 16 to 20

Pasta Fagioli
Made from scratch! Home cooked beans in a savory tomato broth with ditalini pasta, seasoned with garlic and Italian seasonings. Serve with a loaf of warm Focaccia and you have a hearty meal everyone will enjoy!
$50.00 Serves 8 to 10

Linguine & Broccoli aglio e olio
Linguine pasta tossed with fresh broccoli, seasoned with olive oil, garlic and butter.
$35.00 Serves 8 to 10
$60.00 Serves 16 to 20

Rigatoni Al’ Arrabbiata
Rigatoni pasta topped with a zesty tomato sauce simmered with spicy crumbled Italian sausage.
$40.00 Serves 8 to 10
$65.00 Serves 16 to 20

Patty’s Home-made Gnocchi
Have it your way!

1) Baked with mozzarella, ricotta, and Romano cheese in a light marinara or hearty meat sauce.

2) Tossed aglio e olio style with fresh spinach, garlic, Romano cheese, and red pepper flakes.

3) Or simply served in a savory vodka cream sauce.

$50.00 Serves 8 to 10
$90.00 Serves 16 to 20

A Chicago catering service company. We specialize in Homemade Southern Italian cuisine. Let us do all of the cooking while you enjoy your guests.

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