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Custom trays are available upon request. Trays may be delivered hot and ready to serve, or may be heated on-site. All trays are oven safe and disposable. Warming sets available at an additional charge. Prices are subject to change. Delivery charges may apply.


“Delicious! Patty, holy moly.): everything we ordered was delicious! Love it! U rock!!! What is your personal chef fee?”

Natalie Ferrini

“I have used Patty’s Party Trays for numerous events, from small, casual suppers to elegant gatherings for over sixty people. She is the first person I call. Her beautiful presentation, the creative menu items, and the mouth-watering dishes are well-known among my friends and family. When I invite them to an event, they immediately ask, “Oh, is Patty cooking?” Her dishes rival anything I have ordered at pricey restaurants in the suburbs or city. Patty’s Kahlua Chocolate Cake is the best thing I ever ate. Period.”

Rita Sayre

“I can wholeheartedly recommend Pat, not only for her delicious and creative home-cooked specialties, but her willingness to “tailor” her selections to meet my specific requests. For my most recent event which was our parish volunteer dinner-she even delivered my order…because it was important to her that the “presentation” was as she wanted and also that the hot dishes were just that.

I think my very first order a few years ago was for lemon squares. I consider myself a “pretty good baker” and I love to try new recipes for baking/cooking so I have made these many times. Pat’s lemon squares, for which she squeezes the lemons (!) were the best I have ever had. I remember that the squares were quite large though (perfect size for my large sons) but when I ordered them for my parish event…I asked Pat to cut them in half…so they would be more “finger food” dessert size. Perfect!

I also ordered the Banana Cake with Peanut Butter Frosting and Nutella. It was such an unusual combination and I was excited to offer something so creative for our celebration. Delicious! I ordered the mini cannoli trays and Pat’s homemade chocolate sauce was outstanding.

I ordered the sausage bread and pepperoni bread as well. Both very good.

The desserts came on black plastic trays with domed lids. We cut the cake ourselves and I preferred that to allow for different size slices.

Pat could not have been easier to work with and I am thrilled to be able to recommend her for any catering need
s you might have.”

Karen Flavin


“Great Party! The food was amazing…everyone is still talking about it. Thanks so much for everything.”

Jackie Hynek

“In addition to our own party, we attended four other parties this past weekend.  At every party, every single person came up to me to tell me that the food was fabulous at our party!!! It was so important to me that we had wonderful food, and because of Patty, I believe that we had the BEST food anyone has ever had at a party!! It was obvious that she put her heart and soul into making delicous food, and most importantly, she put her love into everything she does.  Not only was her food absolutely yummy, but she is so kind and treated all of our guests as if she knew them!! It seems like everyone loved everything Patty made, but the stuffed pasta shells was the one thing that has gotten the most compliments….even though every item was mentioned as being delicious.  And, Patty was right…the Kahlua chocolate cake was to die for!!! My husband and I can’t thank her enough!”

Debbie Delawder

“It is my pleasure to refer Pat as a caterer to your special event. I have been fortunate enough to taste many of her creations over the years. She has catered the past few annual holiday parties for my historical group, making my part to participate in my parties more fun than a chore. Everyone always loves the food and no one goes home hungry. She also made some personal sized dishes for me to enjoy at the end of my recent pregnancy, and for the harried first days at home with my little one. They were not only delicious, but wonderfully convenient.

Pat loves what she does, and she puts a lot of love and effort in the food. I hope you enjoy her cooking as much as I do for your next event.”

Anna Novak

I am Patty’s website designer. We had an afternoon meeting to discuss her website. She made four sandwiches two for each of us. One ham and the other turkey. Usually, a sandwich is a sandwich, but not these. These were fantastic. She spread her “secret sauce” on them and it blew me away. I did not need to eat both of these but they were so good, I had to have the other too. She also made a simple salad. That was just as good. Usually olives can be very salty and overpowering, but this salad was delicious. There was an equal distribution of vegetables. That is my kind of salad!

I don’t eat cheese, and she remembered that. I was so thankful. I wish I could eat there everyday! Thanks Pat!

Lynn Strauch

Website Designer

A Chicago catering service company. We specialize in Homemade Southern Italian cuisine. Let us do all of the cooking while you enjoy your guests.

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